Tips for Pursuing a Career as a Landman

A leading Texas-based land brokerage group, Orange Energy Corporation serves clients throughout the United States. Led by energy-industry veterans, Orange Energy Corporation employs experienced landmen and uses advanced technology to achieve results for clients. Landmen often negotiate with property owners on behalf of oil and gas exploration companies. They may also conduct research to determine ownership of mineral rights and perform other duties.

Individuals interested in pursuing a career as oil and gas landmen, typically require a four-year degree in the field of science, business, or another related area. Additionally, a number of accredited universities offer petroleum land management programs.

The next step is to gain practical experience in the oil and gas industry. Those new to the field may gain experience through drafting contracts or visiting sites to assess property values with experienced professional landmen, either on a volunteer basis or through a paid entry-level position. Related positions include land tech, leasing agent, and lease or title analyst roles.

To succeed as a landman, an individual needs knowledge of relevant laws, real estate, natural resource production, and public policies. Since landmen often use property deeds during negotiations, individuals should have deep understanding of these and other relevant legal documents.

In addition, aspiring landmen may want to seek out continuing education or industry-recognized certifications to complement their on-the-job activities. It is important to seek out training that is certified by the American Association of Petroleum Landmen (AAPL).


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